Car dealer and management report. Time of a realife check

Car dealer and management report. Time of a realife check

Your customers do not buy cars as your sellers have been trained to sell them.

Factory intervention in retail has changed. Zero interest rates huge factory discount discounts internet information and retail prices reduced to transaction pricing have affected buyers to buyers. The result?

Your customers do not buy cars that your salespeople have been trained to sell them.

Today with the internet now your customers have been trained to talk price from the download. They focus on the latest program the best incentive that is not your vehicle. Many customers seem to be impatient to get to numbers.

Game rules have been changed.

Most of your salesmen are not doing well with these aggressive prospects. And it costs you and your sellers. Too many real buyers go too many offers are lower than needed too many low commissions and too many sellers ended our business as a result.

The games rules have changed when it comes to selling cars to your dealer today. Has it occurred to you that maybe the basics will not work anymore?

Your current customer is very different from what he was in the 70s through the 90s. The sales process that you and your sales team take for granted may not work.

The old basics do not work.

Here is just one important example.

Most sales managers and most sales professionals still insist on the s.called basic meet and greet for each showroom walk in. The old ideal was. all perspective with a warm and friendly smile a warm friendly greeting then take them to your warm and friendly desk to consult with them. Good in theory.

But today the theory is deeply flawed. It would of course work if all your customers were Mr or Mrs Nice People. warm friendly and handsome customers who are happy to meet your sales person and can not wait for his highly stimulating presentation.

Your customers are graduates from the new buyers school.

Today 50% of your exhibition prospects do not fit the classic meet and greet model that your salespeople have been trained to use. Why does not it work and is often annoying to your customers?

These internet informed people are in your face type buyer. I call them Don Cherry School of Buyer. Rockem sockem take the seller to the boards quickly technology. Your customers take control quickly.

The first thing these buyers say to your calm nice bookstore is: Do you work here? Im in a hurry and I just want your best price. Or the price shopper whose opening greeting is Whats your best price at the blue Wombat over there? If your price is right I will be back.

Most of your sellers fail in class when tested by these buyers. They do not know how to deal with this aggressive customer. They missed his aggressive words and attitude as if he or she were not a buyer. In a new sales campaign for car sales consultants these experienced people really loved the sales process.

Your Customers Are More Prepared to Buy Than Sellers Are Ready To Sell.

Customers will only come to your retailers today when they are informed and willing to contact your sales consultant. The facts are: They have completed their decisio.making process have a need to buy have a vehicle in mind know the prices think they know the payments and only shop for a sales consultant to help them complete the transaction.

Most sales consultants do not close.

Your sellers are still convinced that your customer is just out. Your sales consultants believe that your buyers just started shopping because of what they hear at the beginning of the sale. I do not buy today I just want your best price. These graduates from the New Buyers school are so convincing that your sellers do not try to even shut most of the time.

If you are dependent on old sales ideas and training you are not competing well today. Salespeople need to be skilled flexible and professional in their sales presentations today. Or do they fail.

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